28 Sep

The Perfect Campsite: 10 Questions to Ask (Go RVing Blog)


IMG_9203We are well aware that everyone in the campground industry wants you to book your campsite online. And we are also well aware that many of you do just that.

But our longtime readers and podcast listeners know that we have one thing to say about this trend: Don’t do it.


Pick. Up. The. Phone.

All campgrounds are not created equal, and you would never blindly book an RV park without doing a little research and reading some reviews. So why would you blindly book a campsite, not knowing if it has the space, the views, or the location that you prefer?


Happy campers know that not all campsites are created equal, so they do their due diligence and research before booking. Happy campers also know what makes them happy, and they book campsites that have the ambiance, amenities, and activities they want.

Want more camping nirvana in your life? Check out our latest blog post for Go RVing where we described 10 questions to ask BEFORE you book your next campsite.

You might have to work a little harder and actually talk to someone on the phone (GASP!), but when you are sitting with a view of the creek and a cocktail while your kids play within sight at the nearby playground, you’ll know it was worth it.

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See you at the campground!

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3 thoughts on “The Perfect Campsite: 10 Questions to Ask (Go RVing Blog)

  1. There are a lot of good points in the article. I do a lot of my research via review websites (Tripadvisor, etc.). I was able to book my spring break reservation site by looking at the actual site on “street view” on Google earth. My experience with a lot of private campgrounds (mom & pop type campgrounds) is that they do not do online bookings. I have to tell you, I cross many of those places off my list. I don’t have the time to put calls into 10 different campgrounds & wait for a call back (I’ve done this before and not one campground picked up the phone on my first try) to see if they have availability on the dates I want.

    • We also recommend doing research online, and we have certainly never called 10 campgrounds for any trip, nor would we recommend that to anyone. The point is that once you have picked out your ideal campground, you make one phone call to book. During that phone call you can discuss your site preferences and will typically wind up with a more personalized site choice than you would booking online. While we understand the convenience factor of booking online, we believe that not investing the time to make one phone call is short sighted.

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