20 Oct

RVFTA #111 Seasonal Camping 101 with Jon and Heather Anderson

seasonal-camping-101On this week’s episode of RV Family Travel Atlas, we are talking about seasonal camping with some experienced experts, Jon and Heather Anderson. We first met Jon and Heather at the Hershey RV show in 2015 when they purchased their Class A Winnebago Brave. Since then, we have been impressed with how much time and research they put into all their RV decisions.

So we invited them onto the show to teach us the ins and outs of seasonal camping. Why did they decide to take the plunge? Are they happy with their choice? And perhaps most importantly…how much does this cost???
listen-on-itunes-hoverIn the first segment, Jon and Heather walk us through their journey from buying a travel trailer to investing in a seasonal campsite. Then in the second segment, they share five tips for finding the perfect seasonal campground for your family.

If this episode peaks your interest in seasonal camping, make sure you visit Go RVing’s seasonal camping page, where you will find lots more information on picking the perfect spot to park your RV.


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You might think RVing is all about exploring new destinations and finding the next best campground. But we know that seasonal camping might be the best path to affordable RV bliss. This is RVFTA episode #111: Seasonal Camping 101 with Jon and Heather Anderson!

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2 thoughts on “RVFTA #111 Seasonal Camping 101 with Jon and Heather Anderson

  1. I just finished listening to Seasonal Camping 101. Great pod cast! My wife and I were seasonal campers for 4 years and the 2016 camping season we gave up our seasonal site to go back on the road. We had a GREAT camping season this year. A major draw back of being a seasonal camper which was touched on in the pod cast is your neighbors know everything that you are doing. We found that if you did not have the best and newest accessories you were often looked down upon. We kept our site simple and did not add a deck or a paver patio just to keep up with the neighbors. I laughed out load about other seasonal asking about the electric bills, that happened every month. The other down fall is if you don’t participate in every activity at the campground you are labeled as anti-social. whats wrong with wanting to just relax after a long week. Don’t get me wrong seasonal camping is awesome, but it does have its down falls as well.

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