19 Apr

RVFTA #138 Finding your Campfire Mojo: Everything You Need to Create the Perfect Campfire Experience

On this episode of the RV Family Travel Atlas podcast, we are going back to the basics and talking about the classic campfire experience.

Most of us crave our campfires more than any other part of RV travel, so we started to wonder…exactly what does it take to create the perfect campfire mojo? We have talked about campfires, and recommended our favorite products in many different episodes over the last few years, but never in one comprehensive episode.

So here it is. The RVFTA campfire episode. The rope lights, the Cabela’s camp chairs, the Toas-Tites…everything that people ask about after every social media post. All in one place.

Segment One: Rules of Campfire Etiquette

In the first segment, we talk about our rules for creating great campfire mojo. It’s not rocket science, but everyone needs to be reminded now and again that politics, religion, and campfires don’t mix so well for some folks. We talk about wood sourcing, making new friends, and teaching the little ones how to be safe.

Segment Two: The Gear

We have recommended a lot of campfire products in our many gear guides and holiday gift guides, but we never gathered it all in one place. Well, here it is…

Segment Three: The Campfire Chair

Is there anything more important than having a cozy chair next to the campfire? We certainly don’t think so. As pro staff for Camp Cabela’s, we are super lucky to product test all their best camp gear. We have basically had all our family and friends sitting in the Cabela’s camp chair line up for the last couple of months, listening to feedback and deciding on personal favorites.

It’s a tough job, but someone has to do it.

In this segment, we talk about our top camp chair picks and our personal favorites. Serious stuff, folks…tune in. Here are the links to all the models mentioned:

What does your campfire mojo look like? We would love to hear how you achieve campfire bliss with your family and friends! Comment below or visit us around the RVFTA virtual campfire, our Facebook Group.

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See you at the campground,

Stephanie + Jeremy

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