19 Oct

RVFTA #164 The Fit RV Campervans Through Europe!



On this week’s episode of the RV Family Travel Atlas podcast, we are talking to the wonderful duo from The Fit RV: James and Stef Adinaro. The healthiest RV couple in the world recently took a break from filming their fun and educational YouTube videos and headed to Germany on an epic European campervan adventure!

In this episode we talk about planning for a European RV vacation and the travel highlights from their trip. Plus, we get to hear all about their visit to the Truma Headquarters and what it’s like to camp across the pond.

Segment One: All the Travel Details

In the first segment, Stef and James tell us how they planned out their stops and picked their campgrounds. Spoiler alert: reservations seem to be the only way to go, especially when traveling during peak holiday months.

We were honestly surprised to here the descriptions of campgrounds and how they compared to their American counterparts. Listen to hear all about…

Google Maps helped them in locating campgrounds and finding reviews. They also used the ACSI app, a directory for European campgrounds.

Segment Two: RVs and RV Culture in Europe

The Fit RV really enjoyed their tour of the Truma Headquarters in Germany. They were particularly blown away by the cleanliness and the technology that seamed lightyears ahead of American RV factories.

Plus, they visited the Dusseldorf RV Show during their visit…

We also chat about the similarities and differences in campground culture and the rigs themselves. We learned a lot in this segment, and found out many of our preconceived notions about campervanning in Europe were not exactly on the mark.

In fact, after this interview we both felt like an RV trip in Europe would be more accessible and easy to pull off than we had previously imagined!

Make sure you check out all The Fit RV’s YouTube videos from their epic European adventure, and visit The Fit RV blog for more details!

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See you at the campground,

Stephanie + Jeremy


2 thoughts on “RVFTA #164 The Fit RV Campervans Through Europe!

  1. I can not wait to hear this podcast!!!! Two of the campgrounds they stayed at are the same ones we stayed at in 1987. Cathy was so excited to hear about them and to see pictures from today and see how they have changed! And they really have changed. Thanks for finding this to be part of the podcast!

  2. This brought back so many, many wonderful memories. We actually stayed at 2 of the campgrounds, saw the castles. Natterer See Campground was amazing when we were there and they have added a number of things. The campground of Hofensee was where we met up with our friends from England since their school term ends long after we had left already. I think they would enjoy the CLs (Certified Locations) which are farms that rent out a part of their fields.
    We had an English Caravan when we went in 1987, it was purchased by our friends in Newcastle in England. We had a little Ford that towed the caravan. We loved that little van and really wished we could have brought it home. Thanks for sharing the journey.

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