12 May

Unboxing the MyMayu Boots for Toddlers and Kids

MyMayu Boots

Our boys want out of the RV the second they wake up in the morning. We pretty much have to sit on them until campground quiet hours end at 8 am. Then BANG, the camper door slams open and the day has begun.

Anyone who camps knows that no matter how beautiful the weather, the ground is usually wet in the morning. We have struggled with this problem for years. If we put on the boys’ sneakers, then the shoes end up being wet for the day. If we let them run barefoot, their feet get filthy and need to be washed. Ugh.

The MyMayu kid’s boots are the perfect solution to this problem. They are not snow boots and they are not rain boots. They are play boots. A child can easily do any activity while wearing them that he or she might normally do, like kicking a ball, playing on the playground, or climbing on picnic tables.

Another bonus? They pack down practically flat unlike traditional rain and snow boots.

The company says that these are 3-season boots, emphasizing that they are not meant to be warm snow boots. However, if you live in a temperate region with little snow fall and mild winter temperatures, you could easily use these boots year round along with the inserts that are available for purchase.

If you live in a coastal region like we do, there is another great use for the MyMayu boots. You know when the weather is nice enough for a stroll along the water, but the temperature of the ocean is still freezing? Problem solved. Kids can explore the water’s edge while keeping their feet nice and dry.

For more information about the MyMayu play boots, watch Stephanie’s YouTube review below. Or listen to our Spring Gear Guide podcast. As always, we love to hear your feedback if you try these out. Send us an email, or take a picture and hashtag us at RVTA on Instagram.

Happy exploring!


07 May

Unboxing the Toas-Tite Sandwich Grill

toas-tite product review

If you listened to our Spring Gear Guide Podcast, you know that Jeremy’s pick for best in show was the Toas-Tite. As soon as we started experimenting with this campfire cooking toy, we just couldn’t stop ourselves.


I’m going to admit it…we even had Toas-Tite tuna melts last night for dinner. And then there was the night we had Reubens. Oh, and the breakfast burritos…

breakfast burritos toas-tite

Trust us, this little cast aluminum treasure can be addicting.

Check out our most recent YouTube Unboxing of the Toas-Tite for all the details about this great item for the RV:

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