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The RVFTA Podcast Network produces 3 high-interest weekly RV podcasts for the RV enthusiast. Whether you have an RV or are just dreaming about RV travel, these podcasts will provide you with travel inspiration and practical know how. 

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RV Family Travel Atlas Podcast


RV Family Travel Atlas, the network’s flagship podcast, is a weekly show exploring RV and family travel. Every episode has a feature segment highlighting the RV industry, the campground industry, tips and tricks, or destination guides. We also include gear reviews and interviews with interesting personalities from all arenas of the RV industry.


RVFTA Campground of the Week



Campground of the Week is a podcast devoted purely to recommending fantastic destinations in the United States and reviewing the campgrounds in those locations. Hosts Jeremy and Stephanie interview campground correspondents from all over the country to help RVers answer that perennial question, where to next???



Girl Camper Podcast



Girl Camper: Going Places, Doing Things is hosted by Janine Pettit, Go RVing Blogger, Girl Camper Ambassador, and story-teller extraordinaire. Listen in as she offers encouragement for women travelers, fantastic destination advice, and inspirational stories from across the country. The Girl Campers are having a party, and you are invited!


7 thoughts on “RVFTA Podcast Network

  1. Hello Stephanie and Jeremy, Let me start by saying that I have been enjoying your adventures since before you were the RVFTA! A couple of years ago I gave up trying to get my husband to “camp” with me and decided to enjoy the camping life “vicariously”. I went on line and started to follow a couple of blogs and Facebook sites, including the “Lively Little Campers”. I fell in love! Then you started your podcast and I could not have been happier. Our kids are grown and now we have two young grandsons that I am working up the courage to take camping with me and listening to your podcast has given me so many ideas and insights into rving with youngsters.
    The end of last summer my husband announced he wanted to purchase an RV (shock) and drive to Alaska to see the “Northern Lights”. We bought a 2010 Jayco Melbourne and started planning. We just returned home from an epic 5 week adventure and I have been catching up on all my podcasts and had to laugh when I came to your episode on thematic trips. Our planning process included a lot of “well while we are out there let’s go here, and go there” comments and our trip was taking on a National Parks theme. Then my husband asked “where’s Devil’s Tower where “Close Encounters” was filmed. Well that was the beginning. We ended up also visiting film locations for “Groundhog Day”, “Goonies”, “Kindergarten Cop” and “National Treasure Two”.
    It was so much fun and I couldn’t be more enthusiastic about a thematic trip.
    Thanks for the RVFTA podcast group.
    Your fan Bonni (sitting here waiting not too patiently for my “Idiots Guide” to be delivered).

  2. Bonni, That is such an amazing story, and we are honored that we are a part of your journey in some small way. We also adore grandparents who we see camping with their grandkids. That has to develop such a special family bond. Love the movie theme idea!!!!

  3. A few months ago you interviewed someone who mentioned they were working on some sort of “camping project” in Boone,NC. I am from Boone and was wondering if you have any further details about the nature of the “project”? Also, what was the gentleman’s name?

    • I think you are talking about our Meet the Crickets episode where the manufacturers rep, Mike Shephard, was in the process of opening an adventure base camp in Boone. It was in the early stages of development and we don’t have a recent update for you!

  4. I just bought my first RV a class A Mirada and found your podcast. I have been listening to them one by one going backwards from newest to oldest! I love listening to you all! Such great information and such positivity! Thanks for doing what you do and especially for Newbies like me, you bring such a wealth of information!

    • Thank you so much for listening! Congratulations on your first RV purchase, and we wish you many wonderful adventures in the future!!!

  5. I look forward to your podcasts every week!

    Today we are heading out to Door County, Wisconsin for one last long weekend trip before school starts on Monday. I have been to Door County many times but never camping. I am excited to try out a new Campground close to home! We will be staying at the Egg Harbor Rv Resort and Campground. After our trip, I’ll let you know how it was. If you all ever travel to the midwest, Door County is a beautiful peninsula to visit for sure!

    I bought my first Class A RV in January of this year and took 2 long trips with it. One to Destin, Florida where we stayed at Camp Gulf, which is probably my favorite place I’ve been in a long time! Then this summer we took a long 2 1/2 week trip from Chicago area to Mackinaw city, Mackinaw Island, over to Harpursville, NY then to the Plymouth Rock area and stayed at Normandy Farms. Normandy Farms is definitely a MUST DO and we will definitely go back many times over. We loved it so much we extended our stay there! Thanks for the recommendation! After Plymouth area we headed to Niagara Falls, NY, USA side ( we did not have passports) and then made our way back home and stopped in a Jellystone campground in Ohio for two days.
    After all that driving on the second trip by myself, I decided that if we are really going to LOVE this lifestyle, and I am the primary driver, I needed to make a change on our coach.

    After much research and thought, I traded in our Class A gas coach for a Class A Diesel. What a difference! From the air ride, noise reduction, storage space, and even down to the fit and finish of it all, it was worth the change. I am excited to start many years of traveling the US and making memories with my family and friends.

    As a single mom of two kids, one is 10 and the other is 18, I want to spend as much time with them seeing the country and making memories before they grow up all the way and leave me to my travels. I cant see any better way to do it then this!

    Thank you for your podcasts and how you share your knowledge and stories about your travels! Listening to you all gave me the courage to take off on these adventures alone with my kids and have a great time!

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