06 Dec

5 Reasons Seasonal Camping Might Be Right For You!


We got a ton of response after our recent podcast episode on Seasonal Camping, featuring the awesome Jon and Heather Anderson, who signed up for their own seasonal campsite two years ago and absolutely love it.

So we want to make ourselves perfectly clear…if you are thinking about a seasonal spot for next year, NOW is the time to book. If you wait to search for your own perfect getaway until next spring, it might just be too late.

Seasonal camping is when you reserve one campsite for an extended period of time, and you are free to come and go at your own convenience. Seasonal camping rates and schedules vary greatly from one campground to another, so you will have to do a bit of research to find one that suits your family.

Why would any self respecting RV travelers choose to reserve a single campsite at a single campground for an entire year?

Here are five reasons why seasonal camping might be a perfect fit, even if you have an unstoppable urge for adventure…

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10 Apr

Celebrating a Birthday at the Campground With Friends…and Bad Weather?


We used to scoff at camping close to home and would never have celebrated a birthday or holiday at the campground.  But things have changed.  Last year we realized that we could camp close to home and still get the kids to their baseball games (read about it here).  This year we realized that we could camp close to home and have a slam dunk birthday party with family and friends. When the campground calls us, we must go! Even when other responsibilities are calling our names.

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31 Dec

RVFTA #69 Top 12 Travel Highlights of 2015

Top 12 Travel Highlights of 2015

On this week’s episode of RV Family Travel Atlas, we are sharing our top 12 RV Travel Highlights of 2015. And as an added bonus, we have lots of listener highlights to share as well!


But before we get into that…we have our first big announcements of 2016! We will be attending the Florida RV Supershow in Tampa, Florida from January 13-17th. Stay tuned for more details about a scheduled meet and greet.

In 2015, we spent over 70 nights in the RV, staying in both public and private campgrounds, sometimes tucked away in the woods, other times sprawled out on souped-up patio sites.

beach camping


We hiked and biked and kayaked and swam. We rode roller coasters, ziplines, water taxis and ski lifts. It was almost impossible to narrow our picks down to just 12, but we managed.

dollywood roller coaster

deep creek

You might think that New Year’s is all about the resolutions. But we here at RVFTA believe in looking back and celebrating the best moments in our lives.


You are listening to Episode #69: Top 12 Travel Highlights of 2015!

16 Oct

RVFTA #58: Top 5 Shows of the Year!

RVFTA Top 5 Shows of the Year

On this week’s episode of RV Family Travel Atlas, we are looking back on our first year as podcasters and sharing the top 5 most popular episodes.

Looking back on the stats, we were not surprised to see that our listeners love some good rig talk. But destination episodes and general tips and tricks topics made at the list as well.

We spend quite a bit of time sharing emails and reviews from our listeners, mostly because you are the reason we record and release this podcast every single week. From young families that are researching their first purchase to grandparents excited about camping with their 17 (yes!) grandchildren, the diversity of our audience is always inspiring to us.

And we are lucky enough to have listeners that write us haiku. Seriously.

Plus, we recorded a lively interview with Janine Pettit, Go RVing blogger, Girl Camper Ambassador, and world-class story teller. Listen for a big announcement at the end of our chat!

Trust us. It’s big. Very big.

You may adore every one of our podcast episodes equally. But we here at RVFTA are playing favorites and giving a shout out to our best performing topics. You are listening to Episode #58: RVFTA’s Top 5 Shows of the Year!

04 Sep

RVFTA #51: Fall Camping Rocks

Fall Camping

On this week’s episode of RV Family Travel Atlas, we are celebrating the arrival of fall camping season!

Many people get a little bit mopey over Labor Day weekend as they say goodbye to the summer season.

But here at RVFTA, we are focusing on the positive and talking about all the reasons we think the fall just might be our favorite time of the year to hitch up and head out. After writing an article for KOA’s The Greater Outdoors, we were inspired to create a whole segment on the topic. Please chime in and tell us why you love fall camping!

Philadelphia West Chester KOA

Plus for our recommendation of the week, these teachers are giving you one last summer reading assignment and demanding that you head over to Travelswithbirdy.com and read Kerry Cox’s amazing series of posts on Yosemite National Park.

You might have heard our interview with Kerri on Episode #48: Dispatches from Glacier and Yosemite. She gave a great description of her first time at one of America’s most popular national parks. But in her blog posts, Kerri dives a little deeper and talks about the good, the bad and the sublime of her family’s grand trip out west. Put aside a bit of time to dive into some great travel writing this week.

You may be crying into your potato salad about the shortening of the summer days. But here at RVFTA, we are breaking out the sweaters and the dutch oven chili recipe. This is Episode #51: Fall Camping Rocks!

Save the Dates:

We are delighted to have Go RVing as our RVFTA sponsor. Listen for a message from them in our show. To find your AWAY head over to GoRving.com.

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17 Jul

RVFTA #44: Greetings from the Great Smoky Mountains, Tennessee

On this week’s episode of RV Family Travel Atlas, we are talking about the second stop on our Great Smoky Mountains summer tour. We left North Carolina and headed over to the Tennessee side of our country’s most visited national park. Listen to hear about the drives, hikes, and attractions that we discovered in the busiest, most popular part of the park.

The podcast includes information on:

  • Cades Cove
  • Roaring Fork Motor Nature Trail
  • Trillium Gap Trail
  • Grotto Falls
  • Chimneys Picnic Area
  • Clingmans Dome

You will also hear a complete review of the Townsend KOA and an interview with the manager, Mark Chipperfield. Find out why this might be the perfect spot for you if you are looking for a quiet area not too far away from the hustle and bustle of Gattlinburg and Pigeon Forge.

For more images of this campground, check out our blog post from last week, which also includes the details of many area activities.

In case you missed it, last week’s episode was all about the North Carolina side of Great Smoky Mountains National Park. Take a listen to episode #43 and read this blog post for the scoop on Cherokee.

And in our most exciting news of the week, we are welcoming Go RVing as our first RVFTA sponsor. We think they are the perfect partner, since their mission is educating people about the phenomenal benefits of the RV lifestyle. We are talking about their Compare RVs tool on this episode and want YOU to go over, try it out, and tell us what RV you SHOULD have by emailing us, visiting us on Facebook, or leaving a comment below!

We will try to mediate any marital disputes that arise.

We are on the RVFTA summer road trip and you are listening to Episode #44: Greetings from Great Smoky Mountains, Tennessee!


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03 Jul

RVFTA #42: Greetings from the Blue Ridge Parkway!

The Mabry Mill on the Blue Ridge Parkway

On episode #42 of RV Family Travel Atlas, we are talking about the amazing and beautiful Blue Ridge Parkway.

We kicked off our summer adventures by exploring the Fancy Gap area of the Blue Ridge Parkway. The mix of natural beauty, historical interest, and touristy charm surprised and delighted us. We will tell you all about this peaceful, scenic getaway in the great state of Virginia.

And we also fell in love with the Fancy Gap KOA, our base camp for this first part of our summer spectacular. We will give you a full review of the campground along with an interview with the owners, Mark and Cheryl Manning.

To read more about the campground and our adventures in this area, read our blog post with all the details.

Highlights include:

The Blue Ridge Music Center where you can listen to live music every day between 12 and 4 pm.

The Mabry Mill where you can have a yummy meal at the restaurant and then tour the mill, blacksmith shop, and other historical buildings.

Rock Knob Trail Area, where the ridge line trails offer spectacular views and kid-friendly hiking options.

Mount Airy, the charming hometown of Andy Griffith and the inspiration for Mayberry.

Need help planning your next RV Adventure? We will have some great inspiration for you as we podcast our way through the Blue Ridge Mountains and Great Smoky Mountains National Park.

Welcome to the great RVFTA summer road trip. This is Episode #42: Greetings from the Blue Ridge Parkway!

12 Jun

RVFTA #39: To Rally Or Not To Rally?

campground rallies

On this week’s episode of RV Family Travel Atlas, we are talking about the good ole fashioned RV Rally. These are wildly popular among some segments of the RVing population…but with Gen Xers and the Millenials? Not so much.

Well, we hosted our first rally a couple of weeks ago and everyone had a wonderful time. It got us thinking…will the younger generation of RVers reinvent the rally to suit a different style of travel and socializing? We will talk about our experience at the RVFTA rally and how it changed our thinking on this topic.

Lake in Wood Campground hosted the #RVFTA rally a few weeks ago, and you couldn’t find a better place for group camping. We give a complete campground review of this amazing resort location.

lake in wood campground

And Stephanie got to hang out at the Country Living Fair in Rhinebeck, NY last week with a bunch of Sisters on the Fly and their vintage travel trailers.

vintage trailer outside

vintage trailer inside

They’ve got this whole group camping thing down to a science and we asked a few of them to share why rallies are so meaningful to them. Listen to hear Susie Q from Be Back Soon Love Mom, and Janine Pettit’s camping sister Carol share their thoughts on rallying.

country living panel

Plus, Stephanie flies solo for an interview with Courtney Robey, Marketing Communications Manager at GoRving. Listen to hear all about their new media campaigns and experiential projects designed to reach a younger generation of RVer.

go rving

All of this and so much more on Episode 39 of RV Family Travel Atlas: To Rally or Not to Rally?

12 Jun

RV Breakfast: Smoothie Stock Up List

smoothies at the campground

Sometime during our second year of RVing, we realized that we had been sucked into the vortex of unhealthy breakfast habits. Too many pancakes, too many bagels.

This was truly a puzzle because at home we ate very healthy breakfasts on a daily basis. Yogurt, oatmeal, and eggs were in regular rotation and popular with both kids and adults.

We knew we had to take back breakfast. One of the benefits of having an RV is that it is your home on wheels and you can bring your healthy habits with you on the road. No excuses. We could do quick, easy, AND healthy while we traveled.

I’ve shared some of our favorite healthy RV breakfasts before. But my favorite favorite? My favoritest of the favorites?

The smoothie.

The number one reason the smoothie is such a great option for families with young children is that you can jam it full of fruits, veggies, calcium, and protein and know your kids got a blast of nutrition early in the day.

Then you get to chill out a little on the food front.

So I decided to share my smoothie shopping list with our readers. I generally don’t follow recipes, but instead I stock a bunch of basics that can be combined in different ways to keep things tasty and interesting. I always follow the same basic formula: base liquid, fruits and veggies, something tart to balance the sweet, and a healthy protein or fat.

Smoothie Stock Up List:

The Base:

  • Quarts of Yogurt (plain or vanilla)
  • Almond Milk
  • Coconut water

Fruits and Veggies:

  • bananas
  • apples
  • cucumbers
  • spinach
  • frozen mixed berries (strawberries, cherries, blueberries, raspberries)
  • frozen pineapple/ mango

A bit of tartness:

  • 100% cranberry juice
  • lemons
  • limes
  • oranges

Protein/Healthy Fats:

  • Almond butter
  • Peanut butter
  • Coconut oil
  • Avocados

It might sound like a lot, but the list is easily tailored to the length of your RV trip and your own personal taste. It also includes items stored in the pantry, refrigerator, and freezer so you should definitely have room for everything.

Here’s your Smoothie Stock-Up Cheat Sheet for Pinning:

Smoothie Stock Up List


08 May

RVFTA #34: The Happy and Healthy RV

Healthy RV

On this week’s episode of RV Family Travel Atlas, we are discussing easy ways to develop a healthy RV lifestyle. We’ve developed some rules over the years for eating on the road, making breakfast at the campground, and managing sleeping schedules. These guidelines have served us well, and maybe they could work for you.

We start off by talking about our time on the road before we even get to the campground. This is where the bad habits start, and it is so easy to slip into a fast food and snack routine. We have written about some of our road trip tricks before, and in this episode we will share how eating lunch in your RV at a rest stop can actually be a really enjoyable experience.

Then it’s on to breakfast. We wrote a piece on the Camp Jellystone Blog this week on some of our favorite alternatives to the pancake breakfast. For our favorite smoothie, oatmeal bar, and breakfast burrito recipes, check it out.

And the allusive sleep. It is so easy to end up overtired on a vacation. We find that late nights, missed naps, and jam-packed days can lead to cranky kids (and adults!). We will talk about some of the rules we have developed to keep everyone from experiencing the dreaded vacation overload.

We are thrilled to welcome Stef and James from The Fit RV as guests on the show this week. They are helping us set some new goals for fitness and work towards being even healthier while we travel this season. They made some great recommendations for small, lightweight gear to bring with you in the RV such as Bodylastics. Our set is on its way to the camper as we drop this episode!

Make sure you check out their YouTube channel which is full of simple RV fitness routines. They also have a healthy dose of black tank videos and campground reviews, all done with a great sense of humor that we love.

Who won the best flashlight in the whole wide world? You will have to listen to find out! And we also announce this week’s giveaway from the Spring Gear Guide 2015: The MyMayu Toddler Play Boots, one of our favorite kid gear finds of the year. You can watch an Unboxing Review on our YouTube Channel.

All of this and so much more on Episode 34 of RV Family Travel Atlas: The Happy and Heathy RV!


15 Apr

Keeping Fresh and Clean: 3 Products to Stock in the RV

Products to Stock in the RV

I have learned over the last two years that it really is worth it to stock the RV as much as possible for the entire season. I used to go through a toiletry and cleaning supply checklist before each and every trip, hauling shampoo, paper towels, and diapers out to the camper the night before leaving.

Mostly this is because I’m not a spender. I resisted the big stock up shopping trip, preferring to add extra work for myself each and every time we traveled. Well, I’ve wised up a bit, and now I know the items I can buy at the beginning of the season in March that will last through to winterization sometime in November. Here are three of my favorite products that you will ALWAYS find in my RV.

Mrs. Meyers Clean Day Cleaning Products

Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day

Things tend to get a little dirty when you are camping with kids. This doesn’t bother me as long as I have our favorite cleaning products on hand. At home, I tend to use a lot of lemon juice, vinegar, and essential oils. But in the small space of the RV, I love the subtle and soothing scents of the Mrs. Meyers Clean Day products. Honeysuckle is my current favorite, and Radish and Lemon Verbena have made appearances during previous camping seasons.

What makes these cleaning products perfect for the RV? A couple of things. First of all, the all-purpose cleaner comes in a concentrate. So if I buy one refillable spray bottle and a bottle of concentrate, I have enough cleaner for an entire camping season. I love anything I can stock once in the Spring and forget about it for a year. The next selling point is that I can buy all my products in one scent—hand soap, dish soap, counter spray, laundry detergent, etc. It is lovely not to have strong, competing fragrances going head to head in a small space.

SheaMoisture Raw Shea Chamomile & Argan Oil

Baby Head-To-Toe Wash & Shampoo

Shea Moisture Baby Shampoo

This product may be labeled as baby shampoo, but I have yet to find a body wash that I like better. I use this organic, all-natural product as both body wash and shampoo for my three boys. The subtle, gender neutral scent means that the adults are happy to use it also.

Why does SheaMoisture get so many RV Brownie Points? Anyone who knows the size of an RV tub also knows that you can only keep so many products in the there at one time. Bar soap is messy and always winds up on the floor. This shampoo and body wash can be used by all five members in my family AND sits nicely on one of the three little shelves of the RV shower stall. It’s a keeper.

Dollar Shave Club Razors and Shaving Products

Dollar Shave Club Products

When Jeremy first signed up for this monthly razor delivery club, I looked away and rolled my eyes. Now I am hooked on it also. For a reasonable monthly fee, you get new razors blades and whatever additional products you choose delivered straight to your home. Forget about standing in the store trying to remember which brand you have at home. And the quality far outstrips anything you pick up at the big box stores.

So why does the Dollar Shave Club fit perfectly into the RV lifestyle? This company has a great tagline: Don’t Pay the Pink Razor Tax. Exactly. Why should I use a different razor brand than Jeremy (usually of lower quality)? With the monthly delivery, we can easily stock the camper with enough razor blades for both of us, and it becomes another toiletry item that I have completely checked off of my list for the season.

Stocking and maintaining the RV during the camping season can definitely take some effort. Anything that makes it just a little bit easier deserves a whole lot of credit. These three products are champs in my book. What products get your RV seal of approval?

28 Mar

RVFTA #28: Meet the New American Camper

Meet the New American Camper

On this week’s episode of RV Family Travel Atlas, we are looking at the 2015 North American Camping Report. This survey, sponsored by Kampgrounds of America, was released last week and offers an interesting (and sometimes surprising) look at campers in North America.

We start off by discussing the very definition of camping itself, which tends to be a hot-button topic in the RV world. Do you have to be sleeping on the ground to call it camping? The group conducting this report doesn’t think so. They say it doesn’t matter whether you are in a tent, a cabin, or a big rig…its the campground that makes the camper. Do you agree?

Then onto the basics: who is camping and where are they going? We found it surprising that most people (about 50%) are taking destination trips, driving to one campground and hanging out for a week or so. This seems to be a shift from the trend of more local weekend trips that the industry was focusing on a couple of years ago.

What did we find most interesting?  Campgrounds are starting to look a little more like our diverse country, with the camping rates among non-whites almost doubling between 2012 and 2014. We love the diversity of age and economic status that we find in campgrounds. It is really good news that ethnic diversity is developing as well.

And of course, no conversation about modern camping would be complete with a little bit of technology talk. Everybody keeps talking about WiFi, but we think that really misses the point. Listen to hear why we believe this will be a non issue in no time at all.

Planning and booking those campsites? Well, you know we have some opinions about that. It looks like a lot of other campers agree, too. They seem to be taking advice from friends and family, and using the ole fashioned call and reserve over any of the new fangled methods. We like it.

We also like all the spring camping resolutions that our listeners and readers sent in over the last week. We wrap up the episode by sharing some of the great goals y’all shared. Keep them coming…we love camping inspiration!

Pull up the report and follow along as we go…we give page numbers so you can keep up. And send us in your thoughts and comments. What did you find surprising? What kind of American camper are you?

2015 camping season is a go, folks! See you at the campground…

The New American Camper

21 Mar

RVFTA #27: Spring Camping Resolutions

Spring Camping Resolutions

On this week’s episode of RV Family Travel Atlas, we are sharing our Spring Camping Resolutions–five from Stephanie and five from Jeremy.

Although you wouldn’t know it by the weather here in the Northeast, it is the first week of spring, and we are more than ready to kick off a new camping season.

We have been thinking a lot about our goals for this year…what we want to do more of, what we want to do less of, and all the new things we would really like to try. From food to family activities to technology, we have a lot of ground to cover in 2015. Coffee also makes an appearance on the list…of course.

After you listen to our resolutions, head over to one of our social media channels and tell us about your goals for the 2015 camping season.  We would love to share your resolutions on next week’s show!

And speaking about resolutions, we should all resolve to be a little bit safer this year when we travel with our RVs. Walter Cannon is the safety guru at the Recreational Vehicle Safety and Education Foundation. We interviewed him at the Atlantic City RV Show and he gave us some great tips for staying safe while traveling during the upcoming camping season.  This is an important segment and we encourage everyone out there in listener-land to take notes (but not while you are driving)!

Of course we also announce our 2 lucky winners of Trailerama, the great coffee table book by Phil Noyes, who we interviewed on last week’s episode, Meet Mr. Trailerama! We will have more giveaway and product reviews coming up this spring, so stay tuned.

Thanks to everyone who started posting their camping pictures on our Facebook page this week. We love seeing all the beautiful campers and campgrounds out there, so keep them coming. Make sure you tell us where the picture was taken. We take notes on this stuff.

All of this…and so much more on Episode 27 of RV Family Travel Atlas: Spring Camping Resolutions!

Spring Camping Resolutions Pinterest

31 Jan

RVFTA #20 The Family Road Trip: What’s In It For the Kids?

On this episode of RV Family Travel Atlas, we are talking about the great American tradition of the family road trip. We truly believe we are helping our boys develop some pretty amazing qualities as we hitch up and explore this big and beautiful country. Road trips with kids are not always easy, but on this episode we will share why we think they are absolutely worth it!

We also share some of our favorite blog posts about travel and parenting. Jeremy reads a reflection about RVing and fatherhood, and Stephanie talks about liking her kids and creating lasting moments every single day.

We are also incredibly excited to share a terrific campground review from our FIRST RV Family Travel Atlas correspondent from the wild and beautiful state of Utah. Brett Neilson is going to tell us all about Devil’s Garden Campground in Arches National Park. At this point, we are still a ways away from exploring the beautiful western regions of this country, so we are thrilled to have a correspondent to give us the lowdown.

And a review of Trailerama, by Phil Noyes…a fun and fabulous coffee table book that has been getting a lot of page views in our house lately.

All of this on Episode 20 of RV Family Travel Atlas…The Family Road Trip: What’s in it for the Kids?

17 Jan

RV Family Travel Atlas #18: Adventure Guide to the White Mountains of New Hampshire

This week’s episode of RV Family Travel Atlas is a special Adventure Guide to the White Mountains of New Hampshire. We traveled to the Granite State last summer and spent an amazing two weeks exploring the rugged White Mountains.

We will be talking about the all hiking, kayaking, swimming and amusement parking that this great region has to offer. We start off in Franconia Notch and then move on to Crawford Notch.

Plus we review two campgrounds, the Lincoln/Woodstock KOA and the Twin Mountain KOA, that we stayed at during our visit, white knuckle driving on the Mount Washington AutoRoad, and the beautiful scenery of the Kancamagus Highway.

To read all of the posts and find more specific information about any of the places mentioned, visit the New Hampshire tag in the sidebar.

All of this on Episode 18 of RV Family Travel Atlas: White Mountains, New Hampshire Adventure Guide!


10 Jan

RV Family Travel Atlas Episode #17: RV Organization (or bust)!

On episode #17 of RV Family Travel Atlas, we are talking about our attempts at RV Organization. We were on life support last year, so we brought in an expert, Yvonne Moss, who blogs about all things neat and tidy on her blog. Listen to find out how she helped us whip our RV into shape.

You can also read about the experience in this blog post and find a list of our principles here.

We are also reviewing the neatest campground we have every visited, Luray KOA in the hills above the Shenandoah Valley in Virginia, near Shenandoah Naitonal Park.

Plus an RV organization product review, and we discuss our Instagram crush of the week.

All of this on Episode 17 of RV Family Travel Atlas: RV Organization (or bust)!


03 Jan

RV Family Travel Atlas Episode #16: The Future of RVing

On this special episode of RV Family Travel Atlas, we are traveling into the future of RVing! From the continuing retro renaissance, to the reintroduction of our National Parks, we tackle eight trends that have serious staying power. Along the way we will share opinions from a few of our favorite RV experts from KOA, Jayco, and Roadtreking.

We will also announce the lucky winner of a stylish 12-piece dish set from Camp Casual–a great new company out of California with a big future in front of them.

Lastly, we talk about our future travel plans for the spring and summer of 2015…and we say goodbye to an important part of our family’s history.

Here are some links from the show you might want to check out:

Shasta Airflyte 1961 Re-Release video on YouTube.

Don’t forget that you can listen and subscribe to us in the iTunes store. And if you listen regularly, please leave us a review. We sure would appreciate it!
Happy New Year from RV Family Travel Atlas and our Lively Little Campers…

01 Jan

A New Name for a New Year: The Lively Little Campers are now RV Family Travel Atlas!

About five years ago we bought our first RV (a pop up camper) and decided that traveling and camping with our kids was just about the best thing ever. We also started writing a blog about the experience, mostly to humor ourselves and our close friends and family. There was no Facebook page…no social media at all. It was a minor miracle if you stumbled upon us out there on the world wide web.

A little over a year ago we realized that we had a whole lot of content, and there was nothing we loved doing more than RVing and writing about it. So we got a bit serious and actually developed a website, joined in on the social media thing, and went out and landed some freelance writing gigs.

2014 was a big, big year for us. We launched our website in January and by August we had worked with Jayco RVs, Jellystone Camp Resorts, the AmeriGo RV Club, and Kampgrounds of America.

Oh, and then in September we decided we had better start podcasting. RV Family Travel Atlas was born.

We were the Lively Little Campers for four years, and if you know our boys and have been reading our stories then you know that is the perfect euphemism to describe the insane amount of energy and enthusiasm our kids have on any given day. But they are not going to be little for long, and you know what? It’s not all about them anyway. We want to give all families the inspiration and the know-how to have their own amazing RV adventures. We want to encourage all our readers and listeners to get out and discover this great, big, beautiful country.

We want to be your RV Family Travel Atlas.

So thank you for reading and thank you for listening. Thank you for emailing and liking and commenting. Thank you for coming back again and again and letting us know that what we do is useful. There is no greater compliment to us.

Happy New Year from RV Family Travel Atlas and our own Lively Little Campers. Let’s have some great adventures in 2015.

27 Dec

RV Family Travel Atlas: 10 Reasons RV Vacations Are Better!

On this episode of RV Family Travel Atlas, we are sharing our 10 Reasons RV Vacations are Better. In our 20 years of traveling together, we have flown on planes, stayed in hotels, and rented vacation homes. But now it’s RV or Bust. We will talk about why there is simply no better way to travel for our family.

We are also reviewing one of our home state campgrounds,  Pleasant Acres in the Skylands Region of Northwest NJ.

And we have a product review from a great new company out of California, Camp Casual. We will review a lovely 12 piece dish set and talk about how you can win one for your own RV. You can  visit our Instagram page, Facebook page, Twitter feed, or Pinterest Gear Board for more information. You can also leave us a review of iTunes for an entry.

You can read more about this topic by visiting our original blog post here, or you can read about unpacking the value of a cabin and feeding your kids on the road.

Remember, you can subscribe to RV Family Travel Atlas on iTunes, and thanks so much to those listeners who have written a review!


21 Dec

RV Family Travel Atlas: 4 Secret Ingredients for Family Fun!

On this episode of RV Family Travel Atlas, we are sharing our 4 secret ingredients for family fun. Vacationing with kids can be a bit challenging, and we want to give you some tips for keeping everyone, young old and in between, entertained, and inspired.

We have written about this topic a lot over the years. From botanical gardens to sculpture grounds to fish hatcheries to the benefits of outdoor activities in general, we have found entire genres of destinations that help us enjoy our time traveling with young children.

We are also discussing the type of restaurant to seek out, and when to say yes to those kid-crazy, touristy theme parks.

The mailbag is open on this episode, and we are excited to share our listeners’ thoughts on some previous episodes of RV Family Travel Atlas!

Enjoy and a very, very Happy Holidays to your family from ours.