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Jeremy and Stephanie Puglisi

Hi! Welcome to the RVFTA community. We are Stephanie and Jeremy Puglisi, writers, podcasters, educators, and parents.

We were married almost 10 years before our twin boys arrived in this world. Over the course of that time, we traveled a ton…driving out to California and back, cruising up and down the East Coast, checking out Jazz Fest in New Orleans, and enjoying summers in Cape Hatteras.


*Bubble Pond

Road trips were our thing.


Camping not so much.

Then we had children and realized the horror–and expense–of hotels and restaurants and airline travel.

So we bought a pop-up camper. We had no idea what we were doing, and it could have been a disaster. But it wasn’t.

Vermon+Maine July 2011 760


That first season, we spent 18 nights in our camper. Lots of weekend trips–Cape May, Lancaster, Lakota Wolf Preserve–and a big trip to Cape Hatteras. There was definitely a learning curve (5 am wake up calls, and running out of propane in the middle of a 30 degree night at Camp Taylor). We had a blast, though, and we were hooked.




The next year we got bold. Our 27 nights in the camper included lots of weekend trips in New Jersey and Pennsylvania but also a great, big tour of Vermont and Maine. Setting up and breaking down the pop-up camper a bazillion times with toddlers under foot led to the great travel trailer upgrade of 2012.


At this point we spend over a month every year in our camper, and travel has become part of the rhythm of our family life. Our boys spend the winters wondering if it will ever be warm again so we can get back on the road. They talk longingly of bounce pillows and camp stores with ice cream. They can spend a good eight hours in the truck without batting an eye.

Two years ago we welcomed our third little camper into the family, and we all think he is the cat’s pajamas. Although he still protests against the long car drives, the Wes-man loves a good hike and sleeps just fine in the trailer. He spent more nights camping in his first six months than either of his parents did in the first few decades of their life.


We love camping. We love traveling. But mostly we love our kids and the opportunity we have to see the world through their eyes. Everything is a bit more challenging with children. It is also way more magical.


Even if you don’t have an RV and are pretty determined never to spend a night in the great outdoors, we hope we can inspire you to pursue some adventures of your own. We have learned that breaking out of our routine, seeing new places, and meeting new people transforms our experience as parents and makes life a whole heck of a lot more fun.


Our boys rarely stop moving, and we are still learning to keep up with them. Welcome to our journey.


The Cast of Campers…

RV 2-6-16 9622




Vermon+Maine July 2011 673







15 thoughts on “About Us

  1. OMG!!! Go Steph and Jer!!! This is just beautiful!! I love how it turned out!!! What a great compilation of all your blogs and FB messages!! Great educational insight for parents and anyone else who would like to take a camping adventure!! Kevin and I are all about renting a Winnebego after looking at your awesome site! Can’t wait to read more about your adventures!! Thank you! xoxo

  2. This looks beautiful, but more beautiful is the story of raising the little guys and the wonderful world that you are exposing them to during your adventures. We both love reading your stories.

    • Thanks, JP. The truth is, our kids have inspired us. We had more time and flexibility before they arrived, and we didn’t do half as much. Learning how to parent them has been the greatest adventure of all!

    • Thanks! We are constantly amazed at how much they do remember even from when they were so young. And, of course, we are having a blast;-)

  3. We did this in the 80s and 90s with our 3 girls. First in a tent then our pop up Everybody still loves camping with Mom and Dad whenever they can and we just took our first grandchild on his first trip at 6 months old. We travel full time now living in our Class C. The point is you have an unusual life which will always keep you close to your kids. Sometimes our family stays up all night long just talking about those good times and planning more trips. . .

    • Thanks for sharing your story. That is such a great message to hear, since it is exactly what we hope for–a close, fun, long-lasting relationship with our kids!

  4. Having been camping and traveling with little tykes (our grandchildren), we’ve found that, later, they have little recall of most of the scenes and sights they’ve seen, although they seemed to have enjoyed the trips, mostly. Just a thought.

    • We talked about this a lot when the boys were really young…what was the point if they wouldn’t remember so much of what we did? Well, first of all, it’s not all about them–we are having a fantastic time as a family and the parents sure remember this stuff! Second, everything that children experience affects their development whether or not they remember the event, so we feel that we are helping our boys develop as creative, adventurous, flexible, and curious people. So far, it’s been worth it in spades!

      Thanks for sharing!

  5. Hey Jeremy
    My name is garrett. We met at the playground in Belfast, Maine. I’m the pastor of the Church called Christ the King. Good work on the blog. Awesome family. Looks like you guys have a lot of fun. Maybe we will see you the next time you come through this way. God bless.

    • Hey Garrett,

      It was a pleasure meeting you! We loved Belfast. You are lucky to live there! Best wishes as you grow your church! If we come back again I’ll drop you a line.

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